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Bing PPC Management
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Bing PPC Management
Bing PPC Management, Bing Management Services, Bing Management Team, Bing PPC Bid Management

Enhance your conversions at lowest possible cost with the help of out of the box Bing PPC management by Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We manage Bing Ads either on per click or per conversion basis as the case may be at the lowest possible rates.
What is Bing??

Bing Ads allow advertisers

  • To target specific smart phones and devices
  • Incorporate up to 71 characters allowing for an easier copy of ads from Adwords.
  • Take advantage of negative keyword options by ad group and campaign
  • Make use of “ Broad match modifier” match types
  • Make use of location extensions with ads                       

Our Bing management team aid in expanding your online marketing reach, enhance your sales leads and increase and improve ROI with our professional Bing Management services. We incorporate unique strategy of marketing and execution for marketing Bing Ads. Such strategies include longer text ads, different extensions and number of ads per search page. With these strategies we weave fine tune campaigns to your target audience and maximise your ROI.

As Bing Ads are part of yahoo, our Bing Ads management includes management of your Yahoo ads well. With our Bing PPC bid management we enhance your Google Adwords and Bing Ads results. With our Bing bid management you are free from botheration of keeping in tune with new environment. Just inform us of your maximum bid and rest of the job is in our shoulders.

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