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Sushil Panwar has over 4-5 years of fruitful experience in Google Adwords. Being a certified partner in Google Adwords, he has managed many successful and profitable Google Adwords campaigns.

He holds MCA degree from NIT (National Institute of Technology) Raipur and has an expertise in Digital Marketing, analogue electronics etc. I work with the only mission of giving my clients profitable deal and this is what I can ensure.

Hiring me as Your Google Adwords consultant you are making optimum utilization of your advertising resources and I guarantee that you will be getting the best from what you have invested. Experience is the best teacher in any case. My experience and expertise will add tremendous value to your Adwords campaign and this you can notice clearly in one or two month time.

Weaving a Adwords campaign is easy all involves is just a some keywords, writing few ads and handing the money to Google to show your ads but major click is to guarantee the results you are hoping for.  The key to a successful campaign is to get reasonable traffic at reasonable cost per click that converts well. And for getting this you need to know all the ins and outs of Google Adwords and here is where you will need my help, guidance and advice.

I guarantee that I will help you increase your conversion rate, enhance your click through rate and stop all the leaks and fix all the holes in your Adwords account.

Why me
I started using Adwords campaign four to five years back. Earlier it was easy to use Adwords but with change in policies by Google regarding Adwords, the entire game has become more challenging. Every change made by the Google in its policy becomes the challenge for Adwords advertisers.

I have faced such changes and I am confident that I am capable of overcoming all such issues and deliver my clients with best and great user experience. With cut throat competition there are many loop holes wherein your competitors are eating the slice of cake easily.

But with my experience and expertise I guarantee to give your campaign the perfect shape. I will chalk out changes that can bring optimum results on your campaign spree. Such changes can bring down your cost per click by improving your click through rate.

My hard core experience in this forte has made me master in applying the techniques, testing and experimenting the whole process till it gives the desired result. You are not hiring me instead you are hiring my knowledge, my expertise and my experience. With my treasure trove of knowledge I guarantee the best for all my clients.

Best deal
Are we the best deal? This question might have come to your mind and your mind will be in dilemma whether to come to me or opt for other expert. So let me pen down few points which can make you clear as to why you are at the right doorstep.

  • I am experience in this forte and I am confident that I can build Adwords campaigns of any size and make it look more efficient.
  • I ensure savings to an account that spends very little on PPC advertising.

I am a certified partner to Google Adwords so I am authorized not only in search marketing but also in display marketing as well.

About me
I am Sushil Panwar. I post graduated (MCA) from NIT, the reputed technical institute in Raipur. I have four to five years of fruitful experience in the entire web related issues and problems.  I am working as a senior software engineer in Pointer Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd., flagship Company in India dealing in all web related matters.

Due to continuous interest in Google Adwords, I have mastered myself in this forte by doing roc bottom research in this topic and have expertise myself in such a manner that I guarantee my clients to get the best from my work.

I have imparted state of art online marketing techniques and strategies to umpteen numbers of companies in India. So to Augment your Adwords campaign and give it a whole new positive approach just approach me and I am ready with my team of assiduous people to render professional help, guidance and support.

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